Game Rules

For FHSAA contest and developmental league, please refer to your FHSAA page on arbiter and use the NHS rule book

Little League

Palma Ceia, Interbay, Bayshore

Make sure you discuss all special rules for the league your working at the plate conference before the game with BOTH HEAD COACHES (not a random dad) go over the time limits, balks, infield fly, steals, lead offs, and of course ground rules for that particular field.  

Citrus Park

(Coming Soon!)

Time Limits - Please Read

All youth games this year are on a 2 hour time limit.  However this does not stop play at 2 hours!  How we want you to do it:

First of all you have to be on the field 10 min prior to first pitch and get the teams moving and do everything you can to start on time.  As long as you do that you can make first pitch the scheduled start time.  If you are late to the field, you have to give them 10 min from your arrival to get ready and have the plate meeting, so if you walk on the field for a 6:00 game at 5:55, you can't start the game clock until 6:05, if you walk on the field at 6, the game clock can't start till 6:10, even if the first pitch is sooner. SO DONT BE LATE! Use the home team score keeper (usually a parent behind the plate, as the official time keeper, because you can not have your cell phone.  (a watch is ok, but not a smart watch.)  At the plate meeting give the coaches the current time and the starting time.  No new inning can start after 1:55 min.  So if its a 6:00 game and you walked on the field on time, tell the coaches "the official start time is 6:00 no new inning will start after 7:55."  Then when the last out of any inning is recorded go to the score keeper and ask the time.  Give both coaches the time at the end of each inning once you pass the 1 hour mark.  Once that time is 1:55 or later into the game, you declare the game complete.  Remember however, if the trailing team is dragging their feet, so be it; but if the leading team is, it is your job to keep them moving and not allow them to stall!  This will save you a fight at the end of the game.  

All 1 man games except Shetland at forest hills are to be worked in full plate gear in the correct position, then move out to the mound once the ball is hit to make calls on the field, in Shetland, stand 4-6 ft. behind the batter so you don't get hit with foul balls, but you still have to be able to move up to the line and judge fair/foul, so be moving when the ball is hit!

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