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Game Rules

WCUA Game Rules - Youth Parks

For FHSAA contest and developmental league, please refer to your FHSAA page on arbiter and use the NFHS rule book

Make sure you discuss all special rules for the league your working at the plate conference before the game with BOTH HEAD COACHES (not a random dad) go over the time limits, balks, infield fly, steals, lead offs, and of course ground rules for that particular field.  

All 1 man games except Shetland at forest hills are to be worked in full plate gear in the correct position, then move out to the mound once the ball is hit to make calls on the field, in Shetland, stand 4-6 ft. behind the batter so you don't get hit with foul balls, but you still have to be able to move up to the line and judge fair/foul, so be moving when the ball is hit!

Little League
Bayshore Little League

2021 WCUA Time Limits for Youth

6-inning games:  2 hour time limit

7-inning games:  2.5 hour time limit

These time limits start at the time the plate conference concludes.  If a game is 1 minute away from the time limit at the end of the second-to-last inning, the next and final inning MUST BE PLAYED.

The expectation is that you show up to the field for the plate conference no later than 10 minutes until first pitch and have a quality plate conference with the coaches, covering any and all special rules that the specific park might have.

Remember, we are serving these parks.  Please have a friendly, customer service based mentality when speaking with coaches at the plate conference.

Although it is strongly recommended that you wear traditional plate gear at all WCUA contests, it is OK to wear an "Umpire Bubble" at the youth level if you prefer to do this instead of traditional plate equipment (chest protector) when working a plate assignment.

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