Jonathan Hagen

1st Vice President

As the first VP of WCUA, Jonathan’s duties include overseeing FHSAA contests and officials and handling any issues that may arise during those contests. He handles and oversees most training at meetings and the annual field clinic. He has been a member of WCUA since 2010 and has been umpiring at the collegiate level with FCU since 2012. He attended and graduated from the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring in 2009 and The Umpire School (now the Minor League Baseball Umpiring Academy) in 2013. He can be reached at

John Rosick

Equal Opportunity Chairperson

With the help of the EO Committee, the EOC hears grievances and appeals by members.  This position is in place to ensure all WCUA operations are ran fairly and equally in respect to race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and all other things that make people different from one another. 

Steve Durrance

High School Booking Agent

The booking commissioner books all high school and above level games.  His contact info is available thru your arbiter and he sports one of the most fantastic plate jackets you have ever seen!

Lamarr Simon

Assistant (youth) Booking Agent

Lamarr is our assistant booking commissioner. He primarily assigns umpires to our youth parks that we have on contract with our association. He has had this appointed position for six years. He also assist our booking commissioner when needed. Lamarr has been umpiring baseball for  15 years and he has been a member of WCUA for 15 years. In 2016 he was voted "Umpire of the Year". 

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Steve Zsiga


A 12-year member of WCUA and a 24-year veteran umpire, Steve has served as an Election Committee member for WCUA and he's also the former 2nd Vice President.  He has game experience ranging from Youth Ball all the way through MiLB regular season and MLB spring training.  As President, he oversees all WCUA operations.  He can be reached at 

Matthew Nall

Past President

Matt has been in Tampa for 8 years and this upcoming season will be his eighth with WCUA.  Matt has served as the grievance chair and as 2nd Vice President over new umpire training and youth parks.  He also umpires college baseball with FCU and worked two games at the state finals in 2017.  He can be reached at

Jim Barlow


A native Floridian, Jim coached baseball, basketball, and track at the high school he taught at. When Jim moved to Tampa he knew he wanted to remain involved with baseball but was also concerned about time with his family.  So, he decided to become an umpire.  Jim has been with WCUA since 2010 and during that time he's won the associations "Most Improved" award and has been selected for plate assignments in district playoffs in each of the last 2 seasons. Jim's goals include working regionals and to own a plate jacket as awesome as Steve Durrance’s!

Dave Stone


Dave has been a member of WCUA for 23 years.  He served as Assistant Booking Commissioner for two years and Booking Commissioner for six.  He also served as President for ten years and now serves on the Board as Past President.  He worked at the collegiate level for fifteen years with FCU, retiring in 2013.  Dave loves the game of baseball and takes pride in WCUA.  Dave will work with Matt and the other Board members in training new umpires and helping our Association continue to be the best in Florida.  He can be reached at

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