2021 FHSAA & WCUA Selection Committee (Playoff) Guidelines

302.02 Criteria to be followed in Making Assignments. Those officials in each sport who have met the following criteria will be given priority consideration for selection to officiate State Series contests:

(1) Officials who are classified by the FHSAA as Rank 1 or Rank 2 in that sport;
(2) Officials who were selected to officiate a district tournament contest in that sport;
(3) Officials who have scored “80” or above on the FHSAA rules examination for that sport;
(4) Officials who are recommended to the FHSAA Office by the local official’s association to which they belong. (The FHSAA Office may request the local association to submit regular season evaluations for recommended officials.)

West Coast Umpires Association Selection Committee Guidelines

For State Series Crew (In essence Crew 1 or 2) -
1.Need to be a rank 1 or 2 umpire within West Coast Umpires based on the rank at the time of playoff crew formation;
2. Need to either have umpired or be scheduled for at time of composition of crews a minimum of 12 FHSAA JV or varsity games (all FHSAA games count towards this pre-season week, regular-season, Saldino):
3. Must be an FHSAA high school member with West Coast Umpires for at least 2 years (does not need to be consecutive years);
4. The "Crew Chief" for crew one or two must have previous states series experience or worked at least one regional final

For Other Playoff Crews:
1. Need to be rank 1, 2 , or 3 within West Coast Umpires
2. Need to umpire or be scheduled for at least 8 FHSAA JV or varsity games
3. No amount of time as a high school umpire with West Coast.
4. The "Crew Chief" should be ranked 1 or 2 with West Coast

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