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WCUA General Meeting – A.P. Leto H.S.


Dave S.

  • Called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

  • Welcomed new members

Laness Robinson

  • Discussed WCUA partnership with Hillsborough County Athletics

    • Changing room issues discussed

    • Communication issues discussed

  • Ejections – reports need to be factual and detailed

  • Enforcement of mouthpiece rules – “out of the mouth, out of the dugout”

  • Stressed enforcing profanity rules with violators

  • Q & A

    • Coaches out of dugout

    • Buses on schedule

    • Phone numbers – O: 813-273-7536 / C: 813-240-0834

Dave S. 

  • Follow up to Laness

    • Will email coaches about mouthpiece rule

    • Discussed profanity examples

    • Will email Laness about discussing with coaches about remaining in dugout during games

Jonathan H.

  • Mouthpiece enforcement

    • 1st offender give team warning and tell HC

    • 2nd offense – enforce rule with starter losing re-entry and sub being removed from game

  • NFHS Rule changes for 2018

    • Bats may not have attachments or extensions (NFHS 1.3.2a2)

    • BR may over run first base following base on balles (NFHS 8.2.7)

  • Points of emphasis

    • National anthem stand off

    • Bench jockeying/sportsmanship

    • Jewelry

    • Proper pitching positions

    • “Skunk in the Grass” play

Steve D.

  • Schedules are rolling in – will send out group email

  • How to enforce bench jockeying

  • High school starting 2nd week of February / youth end of February

Matt N.

  • New umpire meeting this Saturday (1/27)

  • Wife will be around to hem pants at 2/3 clinic

Jonathan H.

  • Upcoming meetings – 1/29, 2/26, 3/26 & 4/23 all at Leto HS

  • Group testing dates announced for FHSAA test – done by 2/9

  • Gave out Most Improved Award to Stephen Zsiga

Dave S.

  • Announcements

    • Fred Collata from Purchase Officials will be at 2/3 clinic

    • WC hats and shirts sold after meeting (Mike)

Mark M.

  • FHSAA rule books should be in by 1/29 meeting

  • Member dues are due by 2/3 clinic

Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm